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I am Jaymit Jinjala (also known as Jamyjam or Racoon to some). I was born on 31st August 2001 in Surat, India, and belong to a Gujarati family. I am currently in my final year of IB at Fountainhead school. For people with whom I don’t regularly interact with, I may come off as an Introvert, however, to my friends I am a completely different person.

I play volleyball and table tennis very well and try to improve myself everytime I play. I also play the drums and see myself improving with time. Other than that, I also find myself better at keeping things organized due to my OCD like nature.

I fancy exotic cars and bikes to such extent that I am able to identify few by their sounds itself. It really blows my mind how these machines can reach bewildering speeds within a few seconds. It has always been my vision to have a dream garage of mine, loaded with exotic vehicles.

I love going out for trips in the wild to venture out in the open world to feel the beauty of nature and experience something extraordinary that we don’t get to such often. On the other hand, Gaming is an aspect of my life that I am tremendously fond of since childhood. I like to venture out in the virtual world and enjoy the creativity of developers. Some titles that I like to play are CSGO, GTA series, PUBG, and many others.

For me, technology is a topic I can talk about for ages. The idea of programming machines to do human-like tasks and other jobs which we can’t do is very fascinating to me. With technology developing constantly and new devices getting released every fortnight, getting my hands on the latest gadgets in the market is a desire I can’t resist.

Due to this passion towards technology, I have started exploring programming to venture further in the field of computer science. It is something which is fairly new to me yet it is very exhilarating and I feel that it is a skill that I want to improve upon to fulfill my desire to become a developer.

For me, Life is like a modern day video game. It rewards you for successfully completing tasks, yet it also lets you retry if you fail once, however, there are no cheat codes present. Moreover, the decisions we make in the present affects the way our future builds up and hence I feel that good deeds will lead to a good ending.

If I could get one day to do anything of my choice, the first two things to come to my mind would be racing the world’s fastest car through the Nurburgring and skydiving. I really like the idea of the adrenaline rush that one experiences in these events and would definitely want to experience it once in my life.

Finally, I really want to make my future life worthwhile and not rot in a 6×6 cubicle like many others.

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