CAS Personal Profile

Hi!  My name is Sa-ma-sh-ti. Did that so you can get it right the very first time 🙂 People always have difficulty pronouncing my name: Samasti, Samishti, Samasthi, Samashtha… The list can go on. Along the years I have learned to adjust myself in accordance to the name I am called. People say that I am good at getting along with all types of people and especially well with animals.

I am a passionate conservationist, an avid reader, an athlete, and an analyst. I enjoy exploring wilderness as it gives me space and time to reflect on my life. I think I have done a lot of reflecting and analyzing during IBDP. It has become a major turning point in my life, and it has taught me many life lessons: from discovering my passion to understanding the meaning of life.

I always strive to be a change-maker in society, and one of the many concerns I work towards is spreading awareness about environment conservation. My goal is to influence the youth as they can bring the most significant changes in our world. I would like to learn more about how we can spread the message to such a wide audience and frame awareness campaigns in such a way that they would appeal to everybody. I would also like to create technology which would allow us to live sustainable lives without sacrificing much and at the same time doing less harm to the environment. CAS has helped me to do things that I am passionate about and be able to include them to my academic rewards. If it weren’t for CAS, I would surely have left behind my extracurricular which actually help me to survive through IBDP.

Apart from environmental conservation, I feel strongly about education. All of the problems in the world could be solved by giving quality education to each and everyone on this planet. Children are the pillars of our world and if they are allowed to learn what they are passionate about, think how advanced we would become! I understand it is an ‘out of reach’ goal but dreaming about it does no harm.

Similarly, I hope to go on a solo trip around the world. Immersing in the culture of various places and interacting with the locals would help me to see life from a different perspective. I am really looking forward to such an adventure!


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