CAS plan

CAS activity Description of the activity Components (C/A/S) Duration (long term/short term) Start and end date Investigation- a. What are your skills/interest and what is your purpose for selecting this CAS experience? b. incase of service- What is the issue you will be focusing on? Learning Outcomes you aim to achieve Location (in- school/out -of-school) Status Supervisor Bucket
Additional Mathematics Tutoring Club- project work We four Additional Mathematics Students (Past Year) are going to conduct a Math tutoring class from (24th July). Tutoring classes would be conducted before the school hours, thrice a week till 8th August and after that twice a week. Creativity, Service Long term 24th July 2017 to 15th September 2017 We are greatly involved with Additional Mathematics since past 2 years (IGCSE). We would like to take this opportunity as we are passionate about the subject and hence teach the students with great dedication. The skills involved are, teaching, extensive communication skills, Logical and Critical Thinking and Problem solving skills. we are serving the students in order to help them cope up with the syllabus as we faced difficuties in the past two years. we look forward to help them achieve excellence using our past experience. We would like to take this as our CAS project. L1,L2,L3,L7 In school In Process Krishna Shethji basket-1 basket-3 basket-6
Going to advanced level in Basketball and participate in basketball tournaments excelling at basketball through PS classes and attending camps. Activity Long term 10th july 2017 to 1st november 2018 I have tried different sports such as volleyball ,athletics,football and basketball,out of all these I found basketball as a perfect sport for me and I have been into this sport since past 3 years.I am looking forward to move a step ahead from intermediate to advanced level by learning new skills. I choose this activity to improve upon my stamina and endurance. In these two years I would like to increase the level of flexibility and stamina to improve my game. L1,L2,L4 In school In Process Krushi Desai basket-4
Excel in vocals and participate in school events. developing skills in vocals through AS classes and learning it externally Creativity Long term 10th july 2017 to 1st may 2019 Through all these years I found out that I have the capability to excel in vocals and I would like to take a step ahead in these two years to perform on stage(In front of audience). L1,L2,L3 Both in and out of school In Process basket-5
lake cleaning at gavier Collecting weeds in order to help birds and aquatic life Service Activity short term 13th august 2017 to 31st september we took the initiative to help NGO in our city to clean the lake because that is the only place in the city for bird watching.We planned to go for lake cleaning on the weekends in order to utilize some of our time for the environment.Our main purpose is to help the NGO maintain the lake and prevent the eutrophication which disturbs the food chain and leads to death of birds and aquatic species. We work collaboratively in collecting the weeds and each one of us carries out different tasks ranging from collecting weeds,,rowing the boat, refilling the boat etc. L4,L1,L6,L2,L7 out of school In Process Snehal patel bucket-1
graffiti at anti-bullying campaign Making graffities which promotes kindness Creativity Service short term 11th august to 15th september We made graffities on the walls of the school to help school promote kindness.I chose to become a part of this because I am inclined towards arts. We worked collaboratively to make these graffities and this was a part of the life class which was held in our school which was based on anti-bullying. L4,L5,L1,L3 In school Done vagisha Shrivastava bucket-5
service sessions at schools (teaching NGO students basketball) helping the underprivileged develop skills in basketball service Activity short term 15th july to 31st july School had come up with the plan to have service sessions for a month to help the unprivileged children develop skills in the field they were interested in. I am passionate about basketball and therefore chose to help those kids with basketball. we planned the sessions and collaborated with the younger grades to help NGO kids develop new skills. L3,L4,L5 In school Done Falguni Jariwala bucket-3 bucket-4
CAS trip ( Lion saving project) covering the open well to avoid fatal accidents where lions and other animals get injured by falling into the well. Service Activity Creativity short term 7th september to 11th september We went to a campsite in savarkundla where we collaboratively made a cover for the open well.Purpose of this project was to protect the lions and other animals because they often fall into the open wells. I chose to become a part of this project because I am inclined towards protecting the nature L1,L2,L4,L5.L6 out of school Done Falguni Jariwala bucket-1
Volleyball developing skills in volleyball which is a non PS sport Activity Long term 10th july 2017 to 1st May 2019 excelling in volleyball because I am inclined towards sports and I love to explore new things L3,L7 In school In Process Nilesh sir bucket-4
Komorebi culture day presentation Creativity short term 1st july 2017 to 10th august 2017 interest in arts and this is selected as cas because 1 month was dedicated for the preparation of culture day presentation. L1,L2,L5

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