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My name is Shrey Rathod and I am 17 years old. I am a highly passionate sports person and I am a part-time photographer. Throughout my school life, I have been selected for numerous tournaments in a variety of sports, especially Basketball and football. In Arts, except for photography, I have also learned other art fields like dancing, singing and playing piano and finally I found myself to be significantly better in photography and decided to improve in this field. Lastly, I have a deep passion for business, I read a lot of business-related novels, listen to a lot of businessmen online and I keep learning about various business-related careers like the stock market, data analytics etc.


In all the things I’m passionate about, the most prominent ones are business and photography and I have also decided to pursue these 2 things in the future. I have been doing photography professionally from an early age so that it gives me an advantage over others and I deeply enjoy doing it. From last 2 years, I have done a handful amount of paid photography work which has taught me a lot of things, not just things related to photography but other business related things as well like negotiating with clients, keeping up with trends etc. I don’t believe one should be good in everything but I believe one should be exceptionally great in just one or two fields so I would like to improve in photography and in business and not anything else so that I am exceptionally great in the field I want to pursue in life.


My outlook on life is to build a successful business in a field in which I won’t get bored and keep working on the business to make it bigger and bigger with time. Fortunately, I was never a lazy person, I like to wake up early and I work and hustle a lot in things that I am passionate about for example sports and photography in this point in time and I think these things will help me prosper in any business I start. My 2 biggest dreams are to travel the entire world and to own a supercar.


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