Teaching Worker Basic English…

The person working in my house has been with my family for 4 years and he has always struggled at English whether it be spelling or pronouncing. He needed to learn the basic language at some point in his life as it would help him in his job. I would start out by teaching him the alphabets and this could only be a slight revision as he has an idea about the alphabets and pronunciations of them too.

I would continue to teach him until can identify and correctly pronounce all of the vegetables and fruits along with some basic words that he need to know. I achieved LO 4 in how I could regularly teach him and get him to his personal goal of learning English. Through this method of teaching him I also get to improve upon my English and spelling along with the proper pronunciations as well. I am determined to give him at least 30 mins every day for a month. this time frame is sure to ensure that he can learn the terms, granted that he will study himself in his free time. I will help him any of his problems that he faces.I haveĀ  achieved the learner profiles caring, communicator, balanced and thinker. I feel that this activity was successful. I would quiz him every week until i am sure that he would not forget any of the words. I also developed LO 2 in which we needed to learn a new skill, and in this case I learnt how we need to cooperate with people who aren’t as speedy learners like us students but we needed to accommodate their speeds and work at their pace. This has taught me how to adapt to any person’s needs and how to do this with a cool mind. This was important because it will teach me in the future about patience and how to deal with halts in the learning process.


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