cas plan


Proposed Activities Description of the activity Components (C/A/S) Duration (long term/short term)
Go to the gym I’ll go to the gym for 1 year to get fit and improve my stamina and endurance A short
School service I’ll go to the school to provide service to the NGO children and teach them how to play basket ball S short
play basketball I will play basketball for the next 2 years in PS slots . A short
play guitar I will be playing the instrument guitar for the next 2 years in AS slots and at home A/C long
beach cleaning On our first day of grade 11, our school took us to a beach . Our fundamental point was to clean the shoreline. We were given rubbish sacks and gloves. We were partitioned into groups and each groups responsibility was to fill the sacks. S/A short
Cas trip We had build a cover to prevent animals like lions from falling in the well and this would also protect animals from dying A S short
Competition I participated in basketball compition in this year SGFI and Mahakumbh A S short
Hosting farewell !! We had to give a best farewell to our seniors and wanted to leave a benchmark. According to me this batch was the best batch that fountainhead had and I was very much connected with each and every person in the grade. The fun that we did in the corridors, fight for food and playing together will be the most cherishable moments. The most exiting part of this farewell was that I was giving my farewell to my sister and so I decided to be the host of this event. S A C short
KWHS TOP 5 TEAMS !! The KWHS Investment Competition is an initiative from Knowledge@Wharton High School of The Wharton School. It is a 12-week free investment competition for students and educators. While competing we will learn about teamwork, communication, risk, diversification, company analysis, industry analysis and investing from the competition A C S long

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