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My first year was very successful;I managed to participate in Action,Creativity and Service,and I enjoyed each of my extracurricular activities.I have learnt alot this year from my CAS experience,and I hope to learn more in future. CAS has enabled me to multi-task:I can focus on my academics and do extra activities at the same time. I have been more transparent as I work with different people in different activities,as stated in my reflections ,understanding different ideas and concepts,and accepting them. I cannot solely rely on what I think, it will mislead ;two  needs to have a bigger picture by putting people’s ideas together to see different perspectives.In different activities ,as member ,I have collected ideas on how to make the task easier and be more successful by listening and understanding to what my fellow colleagues think.I now believe that the bestway to have good ideas is to have many ideas,and the best way to have many ideas is to engage with my fellow peers,creating a large social network. My leadership skills have also increased. I have enjoyed my participation in service and action,as I have been involved in multi-service activities. In this experience I have been able to achieve the IB learners profile requirements.For example,when challenges arise I have been able to solve problems by myself, this has enabled me to be a problem- solver and a thinker as I have stopped relying adults help,as used to before my CAS experience.I have really enjoyed working together with other people in my CAS activities.

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