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Hi! My name is Darsh and I’m currently pursuing IBDP in Fountainhead school, Surat. My CAS portfolio is a reflection of all my interests. I am a person who has never been into fights or any kind of mischief which could harm others. I believe helping others is the best way to satisfy yourself, and that happiness can never be retrieved from anywhere else.
We all have a different taste, thinking and hobbies, which is what makes each and every one of us unique. Some of us may require something big for enjoyment in life, however, I prefer enjoying the satisfaction that comes from little things. Things, like playing football, sketching or drawing, helping others and smiling with the world, are what I enjoy. So my talents which I referred to here is having good co-ordination which my hand and pencil, being a team player while playing football and keeping everyone happy around me by helping them.
I also enjoy having peace around me when I am working and spend time with friends and family.

With so many things to enjoy, there are times when you have to learn and do something which is out of your comfort zone. Now as I am about to complete my IBDP and moving to college, I have realized that there is no syllabus for life. There can be situations where you might not know what to do, and this time you cannot blame someone that this is out of syllabus or this was not taught to us. So I would like to gain extra knowledge as much as possible so that I can overcome such situations.
Secondly, I would like to change my attitude towards life. Currently, I live with a lot of tension and burden about studies, college applications and etc, so I would like to face such situations with a smile.

I have always admired the changes we have gone over the years. People including me are now connected to technology which has made our lives easier. I have always loved these changes and the new things coming up every day, however, I feel I am obsessed with technology which sometimes becomes a distraction. So I would like to spend more time away from technology and influence others as well. So we should be concerned about such issues.
One of my dream related to my interest and the issue mentioned earlier is to make sure that I help this society in every way possible and try to bring happiness in one’s life.

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