Service Session

Our school brought unprivileged children from all over the city to our school and we had to teach them one sport, so I taught them Volleyball as I like Volleyball and I was incharge of Volleyball.So I taught Volleyball to them. They also wanted to learn Volleyball and we went to school for six days and taught children. I also achieved few learning outcomes which were LO 1 and I got to know that teaching someone who has never played this sport is hard. I also achieved LO 5 where we had a team of few people and taught children and working with other is much easier than working alone as people can spot our mistakes and we can learn from that. I was in charge for this service session of Volleyball. It had also saved my time working in an team. LO 2 was achieved while teaching Volleyball as I learnt few new techniques while taking serves. I thought that this would be difficult to teach but I overcame the challenge. Now I can also teach the new techniques to my family members

Learner Profile I achieved was Risk Taker, Communicators, Caring and Inquirers.

The experience was a memorable and this activity was successful and if I do the same activity again then I would keep more sessions where children will have more time to play.

First I never use to like to teach anyone and from now I will teach people how to play.

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