Teaching Helper’s child

My helper has not studied English and his child is in an English school and his child had to write a story of a Lion and Mouse so I wrote a story for him and which was asked by his school. I also wrote a story of Tortoise and Rabbit.

From now I would also teach him English as my helper requested me as he does not know English. He also requested to teach his other child which is smaller to him and I would them both. My learning outcomes which were achieved were LO1 as I felt that I am good in English as I have studied English in my old schools and while I was writing stories for him and then I asked him to read then I found that my handwriting is not good as he does not understand some words, so I improve my handwriting from now. Also achieved LO4 so when I helped him first I felt that I should keep helping him regularly and that would fetch him good marks. I also told him that if you want help in any other subjects then I will help you. I can definitely give at least 15 to 20 mins daily to him. I achieved learner profile Caring, Communicator, Balanced and Thinker. I feel that my activity was successful. If I do the activity again then I will make him do a practice with him and then I will help because otherwise he will not learn to ask questions and would be totally depended on me. I will help my other helpers son.

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