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Hi! My name is Tanishka and I’m 17 years old.People who do not know me think that I’m arrogant at times and a bit emotionless however it’s ironic because the ones who know me well and are close to me say that I’m extremely emotional and that there are rare times when I’m rude to them (except when I’m pissed off ,which I can get easily!).You know the kind of kids who teachers are tired of because they will talk irrespective of whosoever they sit with? Well that’s me! I love to talk and it’s pretty difficult for me to keep my mouth shut but when I do keep it shut there surely is some reason behind it.


People say that I’m good at dancing particularly due to my expression. I may not be the best at the sports I play ,however there are a few that I love to play such as badminton,basketball and swimming.



Proposed Activities Description of the activity Components (C/A/S) Duration (long term/short term) Start and end date Investigation- a. What are your skills/interest and what is your purpose for selecting this CAS experience? b. incase of service- What is the issue you will be focusing on? Learning Outcomes you aim to achieve Location (in- school/out -of-school)
teaching NGO kids basketball I and 2 other people will be the incharge bof basketball camp organised at school for NGO kids where I will be teaching them basic basketball skills and also guide other students who will be working under me on what is to be taught and how is it to be taught. Service Short term 12th August -24th September Basketball is something that im skilled in and teaching some kids the skills I own is a great opportunity. My focus will be on giving kids an exposure to basketball and tell them about the game as much as i can L1,L4,L7,L2 In school
Basketball I will develop my skills in basketball and will represent my school at compeitions by being a part of under 19 girls basketball teams. Activity Long term july 2017- october 2018 This will help me in improving my skills and being a better sports person, it will as well help me in boosting my confidence as i will play against a lot of different people. Playins this game in a team will also help me in realsing my responsibility towards my school and my team. L1,L4,L5,L2 In school
Cooking I will be going for cooking in AS slot where I will enhance my skills and learn new dishes. creative long term july 2017- april 2018 Learning how to cook will help me in becoming independent as i will not have to depend on someone for food and this skill could as well help me in surviving if im in danger. L2,L1,,L4,L5 In school
Going to gym I will be going to the gym 4 days in a week where I will be working on my posture and focusing on being healthy and fit. activity long term 10th november- 10 may The purpose is self improvement as exercising will help me in keeping my mind fresh and will be beneficial for me overall L1,L2,L4 out of school
Teaching enterprise and Economics to IGCSE students (Group) I will be going to economics students and enterprise students in grade 9 and 10 where i will conduct extra classes for them and teach them how to write answwers and what are the igcse requirements for coursework. i will also give them tips so that they could ace economics and enterprise in igcse examinations. service and creativity long term 28th September-28 march 2018 I was introduced to enterprise and economics in grade 9 and since then i have had keen interest in these subjects and i somehow mangaged to score well in these subjects in finals. I feel i have some of the skills and tricks that should be known by my juniors so that they are well prepared for their examinations. I particularly will forcus on their understanding of the subjects and the ways in which they write answers. I will share my answers with them, make them understand a few concepts and the way in which answers should be written along with the questions requirement. L1,L2,L3,L4,L5 In school
Covering the well We will be going to Savarkundla where we will make a cover for the well so that lions and other animals could be saved as they would not fall in the well after the cover will be made. service, Activity Short term 8th September to 10th September 2017 A lot of lions die in a year due to falling in uncovered wells at night. In order to help in saving the asiatic lions we will be making a cover for the well, so that we could atleast decrease the changes of them dieing. L2,L4,L5,L6 out of the school
advertisement I will be creating a video advertisement and will be presenting that in front of the class and my language teacher activity , creativity short term 15 July-18 August In our language classes we were asked to create an advertisement in the most creative manner we could. A month before that my friend and I attended a summer school and thought upon creating a video that advertises that particular summer school. In the video we added a few details about the summer school we also added as many pictures as we could L2.L4,L5 in school
School clubs- Business We will we starting Business club at school Service,creativity long 15th Aug-14th march As juniors at our school we were never exposed to different types or clubs as seen in other international school and I personally wanted to be the president of the business club so that i could introduce everyone to one of the best entrepreneurs in the world and encourage them to follow and build all those skills acquired by those entrepreneurs. The club will focus on builing team work and attitude towards work through activities and discussions. L1,L2,L3,L4,L5 in school
Farewell I was the student co-ordnator for farewell and was supposed to manage and plan the complete farwell. creativity short 18th jan- 30th April I have always been interested in organising and managing events. Farewell was something that fascinated me and i wanted to get selected as the coordinator for that.This event also helped me with improving my leadership and time management skills. L1.L2,L4,L5L7 in school
Komorebi Komorebi as an entire event was about 7 continents and its culture. I was a participant for Continent Europe and the place I selected was Scotland. I portrayed the place by becoming its tour guide and giving my visitors and idea about the place. cretaivity short 2nd feb-10th march I was very interested in making people aware of a place as good as Scotland since I love that place. in school
Arranging and managing a stand up comedy event (project) I along with my friends will be organising a stand up comedy show.All my profits will be given to a group called vanbandhu. creativity service and activity long 15th october- 10th june I always wanted to organise an event on a large scale. all out of school
FSMUN finance department I will be a part of the finance team of FSMUN activity,service long 22 Aug – 26 Nov SIne the start I have been very interested in accounting and I am good ta math which I why I opted for being in the team. Due to my enterprise project I even knew how to handle finances and how well a good and a proper budget could help FSMUN and since it was my school MUN i did not even want anything going wrong at it. L1,L2,L4,L5,L7 in scool
beach cleaning we will be going to a beach near our school to pick up garbage from there and help in cleaning the beach. activity , service short 7th june 2018 As a global citizen it is my responsibility to help in making this world a better place for which and in doing so cleaning the beach is my first step towards it. l1,l2,l5,l6,l7 out of school


CAS is something that has brought a lot of positive change in me, from organising events to participating made me punctual. Completing cas activities and meeting the requirements was no less than a roller coaster. Completing all those activities made me realise a lot of things be it about myself or about the things around me. Savarkundla trip helped me in realising how important it is for us to save animal, my project taught me how difficult it is to deal in real world and actually convince people to agree.If it wasn’t for CAS i wouldn’t have ever thought of donating money that I earned for which I had put in 3 months of hard work.


The overall CAS experience has helped me a lot in understanding myself, my strengths and weaknesses and how I could improve it all. CAS also taught me how to help others and be ethical. At the end I would just say that i have grown as a person and I’m happy that I had CAS as a part of my DP experience.


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