Service Session at school

Our school took the initiative to help the underprivileged kids to explore their strengths by providing opportunities in the fields of arts and sports. Our school assigned students to help kids in different activities. I had chosen basketball as a sport. I voluntarily chose to become the head and lead the bunch of underprivileged kids along with the students from other grades. This task was a challenging one because my friend and I had to handle the group members and the kids from the NGO. Every weekend we took time from our busy schedule and utilized it to help the kids with basketball for a month. We successfully demonstrated the following learning outcomes through this activity:

Learning outcome 3(Initiate and plan a CAS experience):

My friend and I made a plan regarding the activities that we were going to make the underprivileged kids do every weekend. We had planned to teach them new drills such as layups, dribbling, shooting etc. We successfully taught them how to play the game within a months time and the efforts that we had put in were worth it. The underprivileged kids were proud of themselves and each of them became confident. Those kids were able to play the game with the correct skills. This made us proud of ourselves because what we had planned was sincerely performed by those kids. Our aim was to make them learn in such a way that they have fun and urge to come every weekend and we were successful in doing that. We had planned exciting drills for them that kept them motivated.

Learning outcome 4 (commitment to and perseverance): 

We demonstrated commitment and perseverance through this activity. We used to come every weekend to school with a plan for the NGO kids. We never missed any of the classes as we wanted to stay determined and committed to the task we were assigned. We fulfilled our responsibility by successfully teaching them how to play basketball and also made them realize their strengths and weaknesses. During the weekends we are bound by a lot of other work but still, we managed to take out time for those kids because not only were they learning out of our experience but they also taught us to stay content with whatever we have in our lives. Their excitement for learning the sport pushed us on the weekends. We stayed committed throughout because we were doing this to nurture the kids who are vulnerable to opportunities such as learning camps. This experience tested by patients as well as the kids were unaware of the game.

Learning outcome 5 (Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively):

We were divided into groups of 7 and being a leader I had to manage the members of the group and had to assign responsibility in order to conduct the activity with ease. Management skills and communication skills were demonstrated through this activity because the challenge was to convey the message in such a way that makes it easier for them to understand. We also had to treat them differently. A lot of motivation was to be given to them to make them feel confident while playing the game. We showcased the skills that are required in basketball to make the learning process easier for them. Along with that we also conveyed our learning by working collaboratively. Each group was assigned to teach different kids and through that, we were able to manage them easily. We also played with them to make them understand how the game is played.

This was one of the best experience I had ever encountered. I felt joyous looking at those happy faces and their enthusiasm towards the sport.

Few glimpses of the activity that we conducted











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