Gavier Lake cleaning

Gavier lake is a preserved lake and is well known for its beauty and also because it is a home to a varied species of birds. Gavier lake is well preserved by an NGO called Nature club. Every year, a hefty amount of aquatic vegetation or weed is formed on the surface of the lake and this harms the marine life of the lake and also the birds as it would get difficult for them to reach for water and fishes. Weed must be removed from the water periodically. I, along with a few friends, took the initiative to help nature club clean the lake.

I intended to achieve learning outcome 2, 4, 5, and 6

Learning outcome 2 – Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken developing new skills.

Removal of weed was a highly challenging task. First of all, all of us had never done this before so first we were taught how to go into the water, pull out weeds and store it. Initially, we were not ready to hold weed because it looked itchy and weird. Gradually everyone showed participation and we were able to clean a considerable amount of area. The other challenge was that when we had to go in the water, we had to take a kayak with no seats so 2 people had to sit on the edges to make it balanced, a lot of time we fell in the water and it was very difficult to make it stable.

Learning outcome 4 – Commitment to and perseverance

Cleaning the lake wasn’t a very easy task to do, it required great commitment and motivation. In spite of cold water, itchy weed and unstable kayak, we showed great determination to work and help in the best way we could. We didn’t allow the weather or the water to stop us from achieving our goal. We all woke up at 6 o’clock on a Sunday, applied oil and raced to the lake to be on time and to finish on time.

Learning outcome 5 – Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively

Working Collaboratively really affected the way this activity was executed. We demonstrated great team building skills and communication skills. After we finalised the idea, we called up many friends and they called their friends and so on and that’s how we were able to come up with a team who really wanted to work. Also working collaboratively helped nature club clean the lake at a lower cost and at a very lessened time.

Learning outcome 6 – engagement with issues of global significance

Weed is formed on the surface of the water, it doesn’t allow sunlight to penetrate into the lake and this prevented the plants from getting sufficient sunlight. Also if the lake is covered with weeds then the birds would not be able to see the fishes underneath and could die of starvation. Removal of weed is essential for sustainable environment

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