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Cooking as a skill is very necessary for a person to survive life. It is essentially important if a person wishes to become independent in life and thus I decided to learn this skill at my school so that I can be more independent in my life. I am going to study away from the home in the future so learning this skill is important as this will be my first step towards learning how to be independent and how to live my life on my own. I decided to learn cooking at school so that I could get professional help and learn this skill in my life in a proper way.

Strand : Creativity

Learning Outcome

Learning Outcome 1 : Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

While learning cooking I learned a new skill and decided to make it my strength that cooking is a life skill and having an upper hand upon this can help me have an easy life in the future when I am all alone in life. Knowing my strengths and areas of growth I can get to know the sectors in this skill when I need to develop further to have a forte in this skill. Also knowing my strengths could help focus on my weaknesses and also bettering my strengths in order to have a better personality. I developed some new skills and that lead to identifying areas where I can grow in order to be a better human being and grow further in life.

Learning Outcome 7 : Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

Ethics while cooking plan an important rule as the cooking lab has some rules to adhere to. We have few rules like wearing full pants and shoes near the stove so that we can be safe from injuries that could incur at any time. The rule was adhering to the school food policy and only cooking food that is allowed according to the policy. Also, another issue focused was not wasting food as on one hand here we cook food, on the other hand, many people in this world go hungry to bed every night so we need to consider this and try to not waste food. We made sure that whatever was being cooked in the lab was consumed and not wasted. While learning this skill I understood the importance of food and how lucky we are to get food every day and also my opinion regarding this issue changed as I am now more responsible while eating. Also, I avoid wasting food while eating and make sure that I donate food to the poor so that even they can have access to this facility.

To conclude the idea of learning this skill was a great one as I got to learn a lot of new things in my life and new places where I could further. Also, I could achieve my aim of learning to be on the path to be independent and growing further so as to make my life easier and better in the future.

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