On the day of the world culture day. We all were divided into groups and were given a country to represent. We had to use different platforms to represent our culture in the most effective and creative way. My group made a menu, a recipe book, a ‘virtual’ museum, a guide, an Instagram Page, a presentation, a Christmas wreath and a photo booth

  • I  learned these things about the Language used with reference to the culture of the country that I explored

My group had to explore the Scandinavian region which includes several prominent cultures like the Inuit culture. We were not given any specific countries but we specifically focused more on Norway and Sweden for the scope of the presentation. After a lot of research and experimentation, I learned a lot about how different cultures can be represented through the use of language.



  • These are the things I did well in my Project


I was given a task to make an Instagram page and a virtual museum. I am good with handling social media platforms and I used all my experiences and put that learning into making the most eye-catching Instagram page.



  • These are areas on which I could have worked to improve my process or final product(s)


The virtual museum had 6-7 famous artworks of the Inuit culture along with an audio description of the art pieces. I feel I could have included more artworks and a more detailed description of the artworks as each description only lasted for about a minute. Also on the Instagram page where I covered famous places to travel in Scandinavia, I should have included more places so that people viewing the page understands the place better.



  • Learning outcomes achieved


L1 – Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth:

I am a good communicator and I am good with handling social media platforms. I kept my team leader informed all the time about the progress and requirements and good communication with him allowed us to have an effective outcome. I already have an Instagram page where I showcase my photography and this time I got to experience what it is like to have a travel page and I put all my lessons into making of that page. The new thing I learned through the page is the different things I can do to promote a travel page, things like using appropriate hashtags and putting location etc.


L4-commitment to and perseverance:

The presentation and my SAT exam were on the same day, I still managed to take out time to work on this as well for the success of the event. I divided my time appropriately so that I am able to complete both tasks properly. Also, as soon as my sat exam got over, I came back rushing to present my work to the audience   


L5-. Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively,

working collaboratively had a lot of benefits. We were able to divide our work and that resulted in more things getting prepared in less time. Working together ensured efficient and effective workflow. We all worked according to our strengths and produce the best piece of work


L7-Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

Culture and religion are sensitive topics and we have to be extra careful when we talk about them. We made sure we didn’t present anything false or anything that could provoke anger or hatred in the audience. We chose our words and language very cautiously



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