I have been doing photography for the last 3 years and I’ve been doing it professionally for 1 year. I’ve worked with a lot of clients and companies and I have learned a lot of things throughout these years. I made a youtube account to teach photography to people starting out in photography. Till now I have uploaded a few editing tutorials and short videos. In the future, I have planned to make tutorials on using DSLR and GoPros more precisely and explain all the setting of it. I have covered 3 strands on CAS in this event


L1 -Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth:


Photography is a key strength for me. I have been practicing this form of art for a long time now. For making tutorials, I first researched what kind of tutorials people demand and while doing that, even I learned many new things. For example, when I was researching about photography tutorials, I came across many DIYs of photography equipments and that became an area of growth for me as I previously didn’t know about many DIYs. Also, for uploading videos on youtube, I need to edit my videos as well which is altogether a different stream. Editing videos is difficult and by creating more and more videos, I have learned a lot of new things.


L3 – Initiate and plan a CAS experience


I came up with the idea of teaching photography and so I thought the most promising platform would be through youtube. So, whenever I used to sit and edit my photos, I would record my computer screen and later on I would add text and music and put it up on youtube.


L4 -commitment to and perseverance:


Even after making 3-5 videos, I had very less views and subscribers but that did not hold me back, I kept trying harder to make my content better. To prioritize youtube and also my studies, I used to study during the day and then make videos during the night. I also took extra effort to promote my videos through my Instagram and facebook.



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