Arts special – cooking

I have been learning how to cook since i was in grade 9 in my arts special classes at school. I choose this since im very much interested in it and also because I aim towards living an independent life after completing school.My aim for the year was to ace the subject and try to learn as many new dishes and techniques as possible.


Following are the learning outcomes that I met:


Learning outcome 1- Since it was my third year as a cooking student I knew a lot of things but I was still trying to figure out the areas I lacked in. In one of the classes my teacher asked me to chop vegetables and that is when i realised I do not ace at chopping them , I had a lot of doubts regarding the same and also I could not chop the vegetables very well. Even after 3 years I was not very good at preparing raw material where I was good at cooking them and then presenting them as a dish. After realising the area I lacked in (chopping) I used to volunteer for the same in most of the classes so that I learn the techniques well and improve as much as I can.


Learning outcome 7- In the cooking classes along with ma’am there is also a helper (didi) who helps us and tells us how to prepare the food.We as students were a lot interested in learning new dishes and we often felt that the quantity we made was not enough to serve didi as well although it was enough for all the students and ma’am, due to this I did see didi getting sad and somehow did not like it. That is when I realised that I should be taking a role and ask everyone to prepare a bit more quantity so that no one is left out. Another thing in the classes was that everyone had different taste, some like spicy, some like more garlic and some people wanted things to be sweet and everyone just wanted things according to their own taste. Since I used to cook  lot many times I made sure that I do not make the dish only according to my or my friend’s taste and make it in a way that is neutral so that everyone likes it.



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