Teaching enterprise and economics to IGCSE students

Since I recently passed grade 10 I had a lot of tips and experience that could help my juniors in studying and getting better results.I opted to teach enterprise and economics since I like these subjects a lot and I even scored well in both of them.Also I saw that due to change in faculty there were some students who were facing problem and sharing my experience with the subjects would have also given them a better idea because along with these subjects I also intended to tell them how they should plan their schedule and tips for other subjects as well. For this activity I had two more partners with we and three of us together conducted the sessions.


Following are the learning outcomes I met during the activity:


L1.Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth – I have been good at both the subjects enterprise and economics and I realised that handling such logical subjects is one of my strengths. While planning the sessions for them and helping them revise the subjects three of us were supposed to make practice sheets for them. When we decided to make practice sheets I was just procrastinating and then had to work late till night to be able to give them practice sheets.Here I identified that I need to come over my laziness / procrastination ┬ábehaviour.

L2. Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills- The challenge in this task was making worksheets for them that are worth solving that to with the probable type of questions that they might get during board exams. I had never made practice worksheets before so it was pretty difficult to make worksheets that they find interesting and that are helpful too.Also since the case study is new every year for enterprise I had to read it and point out the type of questions that could be asked according to syllabus.

L3.Initiate and plan a cas experience- Three of us together decided to take sessions for economic and enterprise as we thought our knowledge would help our juniors in scoring better, we even saw the need due to constant change in faculty.We then took the initiative to get permissions for coming early and making worksheets along with planning the sessions and sending all the mails/ invites.

L4.show perseverance and commitment in cas experience- We took several sessions and had put in extra work like making worksheets and preparing questions that were interesting and helpful and this shows our commitment towards the activity and helping our juniors.

L5. Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively – since it was three of us we divided our work. One of us was given the logistics duty along with conducting sessions, she was supposed to write all the mail and take permission and the other one was planning the sessions along with teaching and I was supposed to prepare worksheets. Diving work in such a way made things easy and quick also very efficient.


feedback from one of the student:


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