Hosting farewell !!

We had to give a best farewell to our seniors and wanted to leave a benchmark. According to me this batch was the best batch that fountainhead had and I was  very much connected with each and every person in the grade. The fun that we did in the corridors, fight for food and playing together will be the most cherishable moments. The most exiting part of this farewell was that I was giving my farewell to my sister and so I decided to be the host of this event.

Over the course of the month that we worked on this event, I connected the following LOs to my experience:

Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

I was pretty much sure that I wanted to host the show as I know my strength that I can add humor in each and every line I identified my strength that I can make people laugh easily and because of that I was chosen as the host of the show. After knowing my strength I feel like I have to take the responsibility to take the show smoothly towards the end.

Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses gives you a better understanding of yourself and how you function. Understanding your strengths keeps you ahead in a lot of things. For instance, if you are looking at career options, you would be able to narrow down specific job scopes based on the things you know you are good at. I believe that it is equally important to understand both your strength and weaknesses. It is essential for self-development and personal growth.

Initiate and plan a CAS experience
In order to make this farewell a success we had to plan properly so that their should not be any difficulties ahead. We were four host and we had to prepare a good script. basic structure of the entire Idea was made clear to us, we had executed all our work with great finesse and the end result was picture perfect. The coordinators made sure that everyone was in the loop of all the ideas that were going about and that even if one man was not there then still the work would move on smoothly. I am not usually an organized person but the main goal is to complete the task which is done by me but not in an organized way.
I learned different skills for e.g. communication skill, time management and many more.
It is important to initiate plan before so that we would know that what can be the difficulties ahead.

Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively

For this event, I was working as the head of a group of 4 , there was  lot  of ideas that came from each one of them, and at first it was too much to handle, but towards the end, it went on quite smoothly, as were  able to filter the ideas and also work collaboratively in order to create a smooth flow of work. It was a lot easier to do work as I wasn’t the only one who was under pressure, the entire team took a hit if even one person made a mistake. Working in a team requires ones work ethics to be open-minded and one who seeks first to understand and then be understood, which is exactly what I followed which further helped me to grasp many amazing ideas. working as a team really helped me earn collaboration points and also work with people that I don’t quite often associate with.

Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and action.

Now there were some instances that were crucial for the project, and at times like this we  faced a crossroad, and both options meant that I had to lose something to gain something else, in this case, it was losing time and gain quality or gain time and lose quality, and it was 5 days prior to the event, and this was after working tirelessly for over 3 weeks, with hard work and a lot of practice, we had to cut down and make a new medley in a matter of days, there was a time when there was great pressure on us and a lot of important decisions to make in order to save our performance. In the end, those very choices panned out to be their best and the performance went as smooth as it could.

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